Wednesday, October 22, 2008

5 Influences

So I've been tagged... and now I have to think...

#1 Pastor Randy Charlton
This guy got a youth group started in Scandia, Alberta. Without it I'm not sure what interest I might have found in the church...

#2 The Mike's I know.
These would have to me Mike Sonnenburg, and my brother Mike Bell - Bery formative in the youth group, and both instrumental in getting me to CLBI.

#3 Pastor (Now Bishop) Ron Mayan
He was the president of CLBI when I was there and it was during these years that the call to pastoral ministry was probably first really felt. Did you ever feel 'pastoral presence +10' coming off someone... this is him.

#4 Dietrich Bonnhoeffer
He's bold. He writes alot. And influences my call to be a part of building Christian Community everywhere I go.

#5 (The not yet rev.) Erik Parker
Through my pre seminary days and up till how he has been my best friend and tolerated 100's of hours of converstation and random ideas so he makes the list.

I wish there were an honorable mention category... of course... it's my blog so here I go:
Dr. Jan Boyd - Made the liturgy come alive.
Dr. Cam Harder - Makes me ask good questions.
Dr. Gordon Jensen - Confessions... enough said...
Pastor Richard Riemer - Proves that high energy lifestyle can transmit into actions and pastoral presence.
Fleming Blishen - Honest, deep, profound... a skater.
Chris Nissen - a good friend who challenges me to make sense of my faith.
Tim Wray - Whom I love and look forward to years of making up stuff together with.
Jim Appleby - He converted me to Mac - and his good nature makes me glad to be with Christ.
Jeff Decelle - I love this guys brain and organization.
M. Griener (Matt that is... who's name I've probably spelled wrong) for his honesty and principles and dedication to knowledge.
My parrents - Unconditional love and support.
Drew (little bro) - He has passion, integrity, honesty, honour... and inspiration to those looking to live the faith they profess.

And... the list goes on and on... and of course you all belong on the list but I've got to put the kids to be and I've just stolen 15 min's from my family to write this much so I won't be able to get you all on the list... but I'll conclude with a special honoroalbe mention to my wife - who shows me faith active in love and service to the community and devotion to family (as well as how to forgive a spose who is always late.)

I tag... Matt, Drew, and Lindsay. (Which means, hopefully Matt remembers he has a blog...)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Body Praxis writing assignment

How does my body enter into how I see myself as a leader in the church?

I'm the one whose body is invited into people's space.
The most festive, depressing, 
wonderful, painful, 
jubilant, vacuous 
times of peoples lives.
My body shows up.

I'm the one whose body is given the time to be available in crisis
A shoulder 
A hand
A connecting presence.
My body has time.

I'm the one whose body is used as a symbol for the mighty works of God
In Worship
In Protest
In death
And in new life.
My body is a symbol for something bigger than itself.

I'm the one whose body gives voice to the proclamation that the world needs to hear.
I voice healing
I voice comfort
I voice outrage
I voice hope
My body is the voice that proclaims Word

In ministry, my body is bigger than me and yet, it's still just me. Thanks be to God.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Winter is coming...

It's a cool and rainy day... it reminds me that winter is just around the corner. This picture is actually pretty bleak with all the colour sucked out of it, but really that was an awesome day of fun in the snow.

Maybe I am called to BC for the mild winters and long growing season...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Here is my actual Grad Year... not that bad really!


Wow... thanks to Andrew Craig for finding this site.

Check it: