Friday, February 09, 2007


If you havn't been yet, you should be. (but watch to matrix first to know what is going on)

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Monday, February 05, 2007

"Liturgy is the place where you create the consciousness out of which policy can come."
- Walter Breggemann - Hunger, Food, and the Land in the Biblical Verse. 1986 Zimmerman Lecture.

This is truly an amazing article calling us to use our liturgical awareness of who we are to distance our self from the empire and envision a new way to be in the world.

"I mean to be saying to you that the food problem is partly an economic problem, and it is partly a problem of finding the right metaphores. I believe that the theological work that we now have to do is to raise the question: If we live our life out of a different set of metaphores, will we find our way to a different food policy? As long as the dominant metaphors or our life are fear and greed and insecurity and self-sufficiency, we shall finally have food policies that starve us all to death. I think we are the ones who have entrused to us another way to speak about bread that will give us life, but we cannot speak another way about bread as long as we are gorging ourselves on the empire."

Regarding the Old Testament

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Death, near death, and Confirmation

Catchy title huh?

Confirmation... awesome. How can you not love these little Lutherans? They don't know that they are Lutherans but I'm sure trying. One day they will speak. Even if it's only to talk back but they will speak.
Who knew that I would ever think that it was good idea to lead off confirmation with the Service of the word, a half hour guided meditation, and the memorization of the catechism. Strange but I think it's working... we play a few games in between too.
I do need to slow down and speak with more confidence. I get upfront or in the middle of a lesson and get excited and then I talk faster and faster and who knows if anyone can think at the speed of Sean?

Well, part of the challenge this morning was the residual stress from the Nursing shift yesterday, and the stress of knowing that I was doing my first funeral this afternoon.

Funeral went well and THANK GOD for the liturgy. Great words, great timing, easy to find your spot... just follow what the little red words tell you to do. I was the assistant minister which in this case means I read the prayers of the people and looked official as everything happened around me. This is actually a good job to have at a first funeral. I guess I'm on tap for the next one though so... likely over top of one of my hockey games, I will get the call that I need a sermon and several hours of pastoral visiting done within 45 hours. So... this is reality for the next 30 years I guess.

Nursing... the best part of home care nursing is that there are no emergencies... I've lived by this belief for several years now and surprise!.!.!, i got to call 911. There is a sound made by a person falling over backwards that is truly unmistakable, somewhere between a "Wump" and that sound the watermelon made when I dropped it at superstore. The good news that although this person was completely unresponsive, vital signs were stable and there wasn't that much blood.
911 was interesting. I dialed and got to talk to someone who determined that I actually had an emergency so I was transferred to another woman who promptly asked me what city I was in... well... I'm sure there is a good reason for this question but it seemed to take valuble time. Long story short, the ambulance came with lights and sirens and the very calm (read: bored) paramedic took charge and suddenly I was alone in the hallway having said good-bye to the distraught family and walking off to my next appointment.

So... I felt the need to post, but I don't feel the need to edit. The ramblings of the tired.