Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shucking the Corn

So I went for a ride in the country on the cruzbike and came across a corn stand just South of Saskatoon. I happened to have my bag with me so I stopped into buy some corn... they of course didn't take credit cards or interac so I thought I was out of luck... but then, after a 5 min conversation about the bike, the guy loaded up a dozen corn and told me to enjoy. (He also took down the web page for ... I think I need to get some commission soon!)

So... it was chemical free corn for lunch today!

When you can't think of what to blog: Blog your baby!

Well... here are some more pics of my kids... mostly the youngest one here.
She's really taking on expressions and interactions at an alarming rate... seems like only yesterday she was a newborn and now she's learning new tricks like crazy!