Saturday, January 02, 2010

Day 2 of 2010

Anything worth doing is worth doing at least half way. Hmmm... not such an inspiring slogan but this is the start I have to the new year.

I am tired. Easy to see why. Way too much sugar and food throughout the holidays. Way too little exercise.  Way too many late nights with way too many early mornings. And on the job front it's been a mountain of paper work and promotional and organization work for the new year and the upcoming AGM. So... haven't made it out of the office for anything other than Tim Horton's doughnuts with Kent.

So... Happy New year.

The lying to self has got to stop... I could sort of fake looking good at 240... and then 260 probably should have been confronted at the time... but now today I'm at 275...

I keep buying pants in the 40-42 range but I keep wearing them lower and lower. It's the Dunlop effect... the belly dunlop over the belt... a permanent and visible line where the adipose tissue is displaced by the line that the overly tight belt follows.

Add to this new area's of growth... they say at age 21 you stop growing but I have proven them wrong... parts of my body have continued to grow.

Here is the grace for all of you... I took the dreaded 'before' pictures today... but I decided not to post them... the front on picture is what you would expect... sort of a hairy snowman on stilts... only the stilts are touching and the second ball on the snowman is as large as the first but there seem to be 2... and then thankfully the picture ends... under my chin is also a new area of growth and I bet that there isn't a firming cream in the world that would help...

The side shot would be flattering if I were 7 months pregnant (Yes... I did check the google images and sad to say... it's going to be a 11 pound baby at this point.) In fact... I wish I looked as good as this guy.

So... today I did the 1 day prep for the Master Cleanser Diet that will once again start me on the path to balance and healthy eating and exercise and blah blah blah. Naturally I started the day with a tim horton's coffee and bagel (damn... off track already...) then I drank OJ and yogurt for the rest of the day... not really on the path but I'm near the path... I can see the path from where I'm at... shutup... the prep work is all optional anyway...

Tomrorrow begins the first of many punishments I'm going to subject my body through... my brain and body had a talk and decided that they didn't like each other but since they are stuck with each other they have to make some changes in the relationship. The Master Cleanse diet is supposed to bring back the energy and... according to some there can be 15 pounds of undigested stuff just sitting in the gut so... if I can get a 15 pound head start and have more energy to do other things than more power to me... (although the Master Cleanse is clear... it's not for weight loss and don't worry all you who care...)

Cayenne, Maple Syrup, Lemon juice, and water... 7 days is the goal... next Sunday is the last flush and then the post cleanse routine. (Back to juice... yippee...)

Michael... I need that workout routine soon so send that over if you get a chance. Part of the new agreement between brain and body is the body will now do some of the things that the brain knows it should...

I'm going to try some goal setting... for now... the short term goal is to start the Master Cleanse... the long term goal is the next 7 days and the post cleanse... after that I guess I'll need another goal. Or I'll have waffles for breakfast and be back to square one.

Wish me luck!

Resolved in Edson.